Titan black titanium frame

Black titanium frame

Until now, customers who wanted a titanium frame had few finish options. Shiny brushed silver, matte sandblasted grey or occasionally mirror polished were the only bare finishes offered. The frame could be painted or powdercoated, but would then look like any other bike frame. Titancycles is proud to be the first company to offer black titanium frames. Pricing starts at $230 over the cost of a custom frame.

The black titanium carbide coating is applied using the physical vapor deposition (PVD) process and is actually harder than the titanium tubing itself, so it's very resistant to scratches, unlike paint or powdercoat. It will never chip or peel from the tubing as it is bonded on a molecular level. The tubing substrate can be brushed before processing for a glossy black look, or sandblasted first to create a satin black finish.