Titan colored custom frames

Titanium colored custom frames

Is silver or black too plain? Want something with a little more flash and pizzazz? Look no further. We offer a titanium nitride PVD coating for the look of gold as well as multilayer rainbow coatings. Both are tough and resistant to scratches and corrosion. These finishes will never need maintenance and will never dull or fade. The colors will be as vivid in 30 years as they are today. PVD coatings start at $230.

Some special features of these sample frames include the horseshoe yoke on the gold-colored frame, allowing exceptional clearance for Plus tires. The triple bosses on the downtube allow high or low-mounted water bottle cages or even an Anything cage. The rainbow frame has a split disc brake mount which is attached to both chainstay and seat stay, better distributing braking forces to both stays.